I had decided I wanted to buy a Bonanza and I also knew that the process of buying an airplane: 1) could be a very time consuming, 2) requires a great deal of technical expertise in order to minimize the risk of a poor purchase decision and 3) usually involves local aircraft brokers and mechanics that may not have the buyers interests in mind.

I have a pretty busy schedule and flying around the country to look at candidate planes was out of the question. With the large number of Bonanza models and the plethora of avionics options in them, I knew that having very detailed product knowledge was crucial in being able to identify the right plane for my needs and flag any problems that might exist with the ones I was considering. Finally, getting a pre-buy inspection done on short notice with trustworthy, reasonably priced mechanics in remote part of the United States, was not something I was interested in trying to pull off on my own.

Darryl White was the solution to all of my problems. He helped me select, negotiate and purchase a great, well equipped plane that I believe turned out to be an exceptional value. He kept me out of one plane that looked good on the surface, but had a number of issues which he identified in the pre-buy inspection. The plane I bought was based in California and he arranged and managed all of the logistics of the pre-buy, advised me on the negotiations/final purchase decision and ultimately flew the plane I bought back to it new home base in New Jersey.

I had a great experience working with Darryl, and I truly believe he works hard for and in the best interests of his clients.

Steve Tighe

New York