Testimonial for Darryl White.

I found Darryl White on the ABS web site and called to ask about help in finding a Baron to purchase. It did not take long into our conversation to realize he would be a tremendous help in finding the right Baron at the right price.

However, my expectations were far exceeded. Darryl is a wealth of information and is extremely forthcoming and generous with that information in all areas of the purchase and all aspects of flying a Baron. He is passionate about insuring every client gets all the information necessary to make an informed decision and goes to extraordinary effort to search out aircraft that will meet your parameters. Once an aircraft is found, his combination of Beechcraft high flight time and an A&P insure the selected aircraft is more than just airworthy. He has colleagues that supplement and compliment his knowledge of avionics and maintenance so all aspects of the aircraft are inspected and evaluated to insure a comprehensive Pre-Buy inspection.

Although I have about 18,000 hours, I have not flown a Baron or other light aircraft in about 30 years. Darryl also holds a CFII which enabled me to obtain instruction right after the purchase of the aircraft. Again, his knowledge and instruction were superior and I can not thank him enough for all the effort he put forth to make this the most pleasurable purchase of any kind I have ever experienced. It was truly a “one stop” shopping experience.

If you are looking for a Beechcraft Baron or Bonanza, do not wait to call on Darryl. It is the best money you will ever spend. I look forward to flying again with him in the future.

Thanks Darryl.

John Cordova
American Airlines