Dr David ShieldsFour years ago, I sold my 1980 Maule. I thought I would soon have another plane. I was considering a Bonanza or a Mooney. But until I contacted Darryl White, buying a plane went very slowly. The four years of time was spent researching types, perusing all the sites on the internet, contacting brokers, looking at bulletin boards at airports, talking with A&Es, and avionics techs. My flying activity at the local flight school was minimal depending on whether a plane was available.

In this long process I read Brian Jacobson’s Purchasing and Evaluating Aircraft”, Twice! I recommend this book for anyone considering the same. Aircraft purchase is a complex activity. I decided I needed to find a consultant. Bonanzas had always been at the top of my list, so on a whim, I joined the ABS where I found Darryl White’s classified add.

Once we made contact my previously ponderous process of buying an airplane became amazingly fluid and quick. We discussed my mission profile and what I was expecting to spend. Since I’m 61, I wanted a plane I could sell if the time ever came when my health was no longer FAA medical worthy. Many of the planes I had considered were expensive and also required considerable expense to refurbish. My concern was that I would lose my medical and “lose my shirt” when the time came to sell.

Darryl and I started looking at possible planes in the classifieds. He was already familiar with many of them, and could discuss their virtues and sins objectively. He found an S model Bonanza that fit my criteria in the Seattle area. Darryl kept my goals in mind when he researched the plane and pointed out how it fit into my financial plan and how it fit my mission profile. Although the paint is showing its age, it has a great motor, stellar, modern avionics, a solid airframe, a beautiful and comfortable interior. It certainly doesn’t look like a 46 year-old airplane! Its previous owner took loving care of it and supplied it all the necessary bells and whistles.

After considering reasonable offers and having the owner accept them, we employed an escrow agent to handle the money details and registration and title work. Darryl preceded me to Seattle and completed a thorough pre buy inspection. I followed and met him there. We discussed what he had found and I examined the plane. I bought the plane. Next day we flew 202J IFR over the Cascades to Idaho, Nebraska, and on into my home in Sioux Falls, SD. On the following day we did some more flight instruction and Darryl headed home to FLA.

I have to say the whole experience was a peak lifetime adventure. I was actually sorry the aircraft purchase experience was over! I even toyed with the idea of soon starting another aircraft purchase- Not because I need another plane, but because I enjoyed the process so much. Each moment with Darryl ; I got to be a student in the best sense of the word. I learned about the aircraft business and economics; I learned about the mechanics of my Bonanza; I learned about flying it; I learned about the world of experience and wisdom that Darryl gently brings to his clients- all with a sense of humor and quiet fun.

I’m looking forward to more peak experiences with my Bonanza and plan to spend more time learning from Darryl and extending our friendship. If you are considering buying a used Beechcraft; contact Darryl White; you won’t be sorry.

Dr David Shields 10/12/2016