Bonanza G36

I can honestly say that Darryl’s fee for his services is one of the best bargains you will ever get. read more

Bonanza A36

I knew when I first considered contacting you that the service you provide would be something that I certainly would need for such an investment. What I didn’t appreciate at that time was just how much I would benefit from your experience and guidance. read more

V35 Bonanza

I have to say the whole experience was a peak lifetime adventure. I was actually sorry the aircraft purchase experience was over! I even toyed with the idea of soon starting another aircraft purchase- Not because I need another plane, but because I enjoyed the process so much. Each moment with Darryl read more

Beechcraft Baron

If you are looking for a Beechcraft Baron or Bonanza, do not wait to call on Darryl. It is the best money you will ever spend. I look forward to flying again with him in the future. read more

F33 Bonanza

I had decided I wanted to buy a Bonanza and I also knew that the process of buying an airplane: 1) could be a very time consuming, 2) requires a great deal of technical expertise in order to minimize the risk of a poor purchase decision and 3) usually involves local aircraft brokers and mechanics that may not have the buyers interests in mind. read more

Bonanza A36

I just wanted to say how much I appreciate your help finding N920GL. A friend told me that everything in aviation costs twice what you expect and four times what it should. Well, that’s certainly not true about your service, which paid for itself several times over, and in more ways than one. read more

Bonanza V35

Darryl’s thorough inspection of the aircraft and its logs was most impressive and very reassuring. Granted, I was not overly impressed with its paint scheme but Darryl assured me it was only a minor issue and it could be dealt with at a later date. read more

Your knowledge of the market, and ability to look at numerous airplanes on the market, and then to help me to decide which would fit my needs and budget best, was extremely helpful.

Unless you grew up on the Beech factory floor, you would be foolish not to involve Darryl. I would not be surprised if on average he returns his
modest fee 20 to 1. I know he did for my acquisition.