I have to say the whole experience was a peak lifetime adventure. I was actually sorry the aircraft purchase experience was over! I even toyed with the idea of soon starting another aircraft purchase- Not because I need another plane, but because I enjoyed the process so much. Each moment with Darryl read more

Dr David Shields
Dr David Shields
V35 Bonanza

Darryl’s thorough inspection of the aircraft and its logs was most impressive and very reassuring. Granted, I was not overly impressed with its paint scheme but Darryl assured me it was only a minor issue and it could be dealt with at a later date. read more

Dave Wingert
Bonanza V35

Purchasing a pre-owned aircraft, especially one as complex as a Beechcraft, without professional help is as fraught with danger as being unqualified and venturing into IMC without a CFII in the right seat. I am very grateful that Darryl was my mentor in the right seat for this adventure. read more

bob warren
Bob Warren
V35 Bonanaza

Once a price is negotiated he conducts a thorough pre purchase inspection. He had our S35 engine partially torn down to check a potential problem. After purchase Darryl flew us home and provided a wonderful few hours of training. Darryl is not only generous with his time but a very experienced pilot as well. read more

Phil and Sheryl Jones
Bonanza V35

If you are looking for a Beechcraft I highly recommend talking with Darryl first before you get frustrated. The value and peace of mind that he brings to the table far exceeds his fees. Darryl has become a friend and if I ever decide to do this again Darryl will be the first call I make. read more

Rick Ramsey, ATP
Bonanza V35