I can honestly say that Darryl’s fee for his services is one of the best bargains you will ever get. read more

Jeff Gregory
Bonanza G36

I knew when I first considered contacting you that the service you provide would be something that I certainly would need for such an investment. What I didn’t appreciate at that time was just how much I would benefit from your experience and guidance. read more

Pete Harris
Pete Harris
Bonanza A36

I just wanted to say how much I appreciate your help finding N920GL. A friend told me that everything in aviation costs twice what you expect and four times what it should. Well, that’s certainly not true about your service, which paid for itself several times over, and in more ways than one. read more

Michael Gavin
Bonanza A36

You informed me exactly what should be paid for each plane. After we decided on N29TC, you were extremely instrumental in the prebuy to identify anything that would have been a deal killer. Also, the few things that were not 100%, allowed me to knock an additional $5,000 off the price. read more

Raymond Regard
Raymond Regard
Beechcraft Baron

We got started right away unfortunately, the A36 market was getting thin and Darryl was already aware of a few that we wanted to stay from. Even though that process, Darryl was willing to educate me on the differences, pros, and cons in avionics, engine and flight management systems, maintenance, operating cost, etc. read more

Rob Tollefson
Bonanza A36

I also wanted to thank you for your personal trip to come up and fly with me and show me all the ins and outs of my A-36. Your services are more valuable than people could imagine and it would be my pleasure to recommend you to anyone considering your services. Thanks again and hope to fly with you again soon. read more

Rodney Pennebaker
Bonanza A36


Hi Darryl,

I wanted to drop you a note to say thank you and let you know how extremely pleased I was with all of your assistance in helping me find and purchase an airplane that was right for me. If you want to include any of this on your website as yet another satisfied customer testimonial, please feel free to do so!

I realize I was not your typical client in that I had owned a couple airplanes in the past. Having made my decision to purchase a later model Bonanza A36, and after spending days and weeks of research on the available aircraft on the market I realized that I did not have the time or expertise to properly research, value and inspect the potential options. I found your website online, read your testimonials, and spoke to others who were very complimentary of your services. I knew upon our initial call that I had picked the right person when you were so forthcoming about the selection, valuation and inspection process you would follow. You took the time to understand my needs, discussed some of the aircraft on the market, and even called me the next day with the details on a plane that you knew to be for sale and fit my profile (although not officially listed on any of the mainstream sites). AND, you did all of this before I had signed your agreement!

Upon completing the paperwork, Darryl was in contact on a daily basis to discuss possible aircraft, the research he had done on them, where he thought they should be valued based on age, equipment, history, and recent sales values of like aircraft. We talked in depth about what I was looking for and Darryl provided tremendous insight and food for thought based on his many years of airline, general aviation, piloting, A&P, and Beechcraft experience. He is a wealth of information and spends the time with you to share as much of it as you can absorb.

After making reasonable, fact-based offers on a number of over-priced aircraft and passing on those, Darryl was able to negotiate a fair price on the aircraft I eventually purchased. This alone was worth Darryl’s very reasonable fee.

Once the contract was inked, Darryl handled almost everything else. He was able to get the aircraft moved closer to me at their cost. He worked out the pre-buy and we met at the FBO together with another IA/A&P. I stood and watched as they went through airplane with a fine tooth comb following the recommended and very thorough checklist from the ABS. After making a list of the squawks, Darryl negotiated the necessary repairs and adjustments with the Broker/seller and arranged for a follow-up inspection and flight test. Again, the value in this alone was worth Darryl’s fee.

Having completed a couple of test flights with Darryl, seeing his knowledge and expertise at work first hand, and after hearing the seller’s broker and ferry pilot speak to Darryl’s competence with the Bonanza’s I asked Darryl if he would do my initial checkout for insurance requirements and getting comfortable with a turbo-normalized A36. I spent 3 days flying around the Southeast with Darryl and could not have asked for a better experience. I had been out of flying for a few years and at first it was a bit like drinking from a fire hose but thanks to Darryl’s patience and his many years of airline and GA experience; I came away with confidence in the airplane, its systems and the excellent training.

Since completing the transaction and training, Darryl has followed up with me a number of times to check in, answer any additional questions and keep in touch which shows not only did I make the right decision on Darryl’s services and my plane, but I have a great new friend as well. Darryl offers an excellent value in his services, genuinely cares and I would highly recommend him to any new or previous aircraft owner looking for any model Beechcraft!

Darryl, again, a sincere thank you for all of your assistance!

Will Sprang

South Carolina

6/2015 read more

Will Sprang
Bonanza A36

I highly recommend you to any one who is considering buying (or selling) an airplane. Your are forthright, honest, and VERY easy to work with in every aspect of acquiring an airplane.
Thanks again for your advice and assistance. It is valued and VERY much appreciated! read more

Jeff Espenship
A36 Bonanza