Thank you so much for your help, patience, and candor in our search for my dream airplane! For the sake of your website, I will word this as a testimonial.

After 2-3 years of looking at various makes/models of airplanes and narrowing down the field of potential candidates down to an A36 Bonanza, I knew that I needed unbiased help in finding and aircraft that would not only fit my parameters, but would not be someone’s else’s polished up problem. Enter Darryl White. After noticing his ad on the ABS website, I gave him a call and took advantage of his free initial consolation. After that visit and looking through the testimonials on his website, I was confident this was the right direction to go. However, before moving forward Darryl wanted me to contact a few of his previous clients to get a little better picture of how the buying process actually went. I did that and my opinions on the matter were validated. Darryl was the man I wanted to help me with this daunting process.

We got started right away unfortunately, the A36 market was getting thin and Darryl was already aware of a few that we wanted to stay from. Even though that process, Darryl was willing to educate me on the differences, pros, and cons in avionics, engine and flight management systems, maintenance, operating cost, etc. We spent significant time on the phone even when nothing new showed up on the market that day. When we did finally settle on N8003R, Darryl did all the heavy lifting from contacting the seller, visiting with mechanics, negotiating the price, setting up the purchase contract, everything except lending and insurance. I am sure he could put you in touch with some quality folks there as well! One thing on Darryl is negotiating. He negotiates from a position of strength. He knows the ins and outs of Bonanzas, he knows the approximate costs of repairing many of these different systems, and he is very familiar with the market.

Darryl went to Phoenix for the pre-buy, found a couple issues, re-negotiated the price, and had me board a plane to meet him down there, keeping me in the loop the entire time. He picked me and my cousin (and fellow pilot) up at the airport, booked us rooms, and got us to the airplane the next day. After an inspection and demo flight, I decided to go ahead with the purchase and within a couple hours we were on our way to Destin, Fl. Near Darryl’s home. His instruction on the way there and one day after arrival was enough to satisfy the insurance requirements and he turned us loose for home in northern Minnesota.

In short, Darryl does what he says he will do, and he does it well. His knowledge of the market is sound and current. His knowledge of Bonanza/Baron is vast. His negotiating skills are strong and his instructional skills are patient and on point. He does not waste your time or money, and in fact saves a buyer a lot of time and potentially even more money. In addition, really, he is just a personable, great guy.

Rob Tollefson

Crookston, Mn