Hi Darryl,

I just wanted to send you a note expressing my appreciation to you in finding my latest Bonanza. Your hard work in finding the right plane for me and your knowledge of the Beechcraft Bonanzas in utilization, performance and maintenance that you shared was second to none. I am including a short history of our quest for you to share with others and you may have anyone call me for references if you like.

I was in a 3.5 year partnership on a 1974 V35B and wanted to own a Bonanza on my own to upgrade to my personal preferences and set out on my own to find such a plane. I started looking for another V35B with a basic IFR GPS panel and I would upgrade the cosmetics as time went on. After weeks of looking at numerous websites in my spare time it became obvious that this was becoming a larger endeavor that was making my research confusing. It was very difficult to determine the REAL VALUE of each plane I was looking at because there were no two alike. I couldn’t find a V35B that I thought met my requirements so I started looking at F33s. That became the same problem…..,even if I had found one I was interested in, just thinking about the negotiation, due diligence, title search, inspections, cost of repairs and or upgrades was taking the fun out of the purchase.

I then called Darryl. After talking with him on the phone I knew I found the right person to make this purchase fun and less stressful. Darryl got right on the search for a V35 or F33 in not only all the websites and publications but also planes he knew of that were once on the market but were not listed anymore. We made a run at four different planes and for numerous reasons they did not meet our requirements or present valuations. It became apparent that there were no V35s or F33s on the market that were valued in today’s market.  Darryl asked me if I thought of a A36 and if I would be interested in researching the market for one. I had thought about a A36 but I had not flown one before and didn’t know the nuances of them but would entertain looking. We found a nice 1977 A36 in California and Darryl flew out and test flew the plane and inspected it along with the log books and sent me his findings with pictures and asked me to come out and see for myself. The plane had everything plus more that I was looking for and after Darryl’s valuating and negotiating skills the plane was mine.

If you are looking for a Beechcraft I highly recommend talking with Darryl first before you get frustrated. The value and peace of mind that he brings to the table far exceeds his fees. Darryl has become a friend and if I ever decide to do this again Darryl will be the first call I make.

Rick Ramsey, ATP
Katy, Texas