Dear Darryl,

Thank you once again for all your help in buying my Bonanza. I knew when I first considered contacting you that the service you provide would be something that I certainly would need for such an investment. What I didn’t appreciate at that time was just how much I would benefit from your experience and guidance. Buying an aircraft of this pedigree is an overwhelming project, to say the least, and I couldn’t imagine doing it solo. Your diligence in seeking to meet my expectations was admirable. You taught me more than you may realize and it comes from your depth of knowledge and passion for Beech aircraft. The pre-buy experience was very enjoyable, as I got to see things most buyers may never get a chance to see. Carlus, Rick and the other folks at Gann Aviation were fantastic and made me feel right at home. Your flight training was second to none, and again I benefited greatly in learning how to safely operate all the systems. After all, how often do most us have a chance to train with such an accomplished professional! By the time we were done, I was confident and ready to make the 800-mile flight home. To anyone that may be considering your services, allow me to provide my highest recommendation. Through this experience I not only found a valued mentor, but also a good friend.


Pete Harris 12/11/2017

1982 Bonanza A36