Dear Darryl,

I just wanted to say how much I appreciate your help finding N920GL. A friend told me that everything in aviation costs twice what you expect and four times what it should. Well, that’s certainly not true about your service, which paid for itself several times over, and in more ways than one. The only thing I don’t get about your business model is how and why you charge so little for such a valuable service. Steering me away from the wrong airplane(s) was your first and maybe most important contribution to the search. Without your knowledge of the market and the airplanes, and the emotional detachment you brought to the effort, I may very well have done something that I would now be regretting. When the right airplane came along, your coaching made me a more effective bargainer and undoubtedly saved me multiples of your fee. But I think the bigger rewards are intangible. Having had a chance to fly around in your V35 and A36, I feel more confident that the A36 was the right plane for me. Having had a critical look at a couple of planes with you, I feel much more confident that I wound up with a solid airplane at a fair price. And having had the opportunity to learn about flying the plane with you, I feel more confident
that I can handle the airplane safely. All of that adds up to a lot of peace of mind – impossible to quantify, but a very big deal for this first-time plane buyer. On top of all this, it was genuinely fun roaming around the country looking at airplanes with you, and now you feel more like a friend than a consultant. If I ever have reason to switch airplanes, I hope you’ll still be offering advice, and I would highly recommend you to anyone in the market to buy a Bonanza.

Michael Gavin