If you are looking to purchase a Beechcraft Bonanza, the very first call you should make is to Darryl White.  I started considering purchasing a Bonanza toward the end of 2017 and was very fortunate to stumble upon Darryl’s website (www.beechcraftbuyers.com).  After calling Darryl and talking for just a few minutes, it was obvious that Darryl had a wealth of knowledge on Bonanza’s and his fixed fee pricing for his services ensured that his only goal was to help you get the plane that best fits your needs.  With me being new to aviation, Darryl’s first job was to help me narrow down what I was “really” looking for and we settled on a G36 in the 2006-2010 year range. Toward the end of 2017, beginning of 2018, there were less than 15 G36 Bonanza’s for sale in the U.S. and none of them were what I was looking for.  Darryl spent several weeks researching and calling Bonanza owners and found a gentleman in Orlando, FL that was considering selling his Bonanza. After a couple of calls between Darryl and the plane’s owner, they settled on a fair selling price, and I purchased a low time 2008 G36 Bonanza. That was just the start of the value that Darryl adds.  Darryl then worked to ensure a smooth purchase transaction which included a very thorough pre-purchase inspection. During the pre-purchase inspection, a couple of issues were discovered and Darryl helped negotiate an agreement between myself and the seller to salvage the sale while making both parties feel like we were both getting a fair deal. The seller commented about how the inspection was the most thorough he had ever seen and even commented to me that he would use Darryl’s services when he decided to purchase another plane.  Darryl followed up the purchase of the plane by helping me to coordinate getting the cylinders re-built, providing several hours of training on the plane, and even helping me with pricing on some future additions I wanted to do to the plane.

I can honestly say that Darryl’s fee for his services is one of the best bargains you will ever get.  You will find that Darryl is very easy to work with, extremely knowledgeable and professional, very attentive to details, and just a nice guy.  I am a completely satisfied customer, offer my highest recommendation of Darryl and his services, and am proud to consider Darryl a good friend now.

Jeff Gregory