After I sold my Baron four years ago, I was ready to step back into owning an airplane again. This time, I wanted an A-36 Bonanza. I begin researching what was “for sale” out there but quite frankly was quite overwhelmed. Not only what was for sale, but the options, upgrades, and price differences made selection very difficult for me.

I stumbled across your website and it was your customer reviews that sold me. I called, and you chatted with me for a good 30 minutes about “why an A-36.”  We discussed budget and needs and soon determined an F-33 would be a better fit for me.

Not only did you find the right F-33 at the right price, you helped me fly it 8 hours from Arizona to Florida. You opened up your home for a great nights sleep and even cooked breakfast the next morning.

You introduced me to your team of mechanics, helped set up shop appointments, and have provided NON-STOP advice and information while I am breaking the new motor.

I highly recommend you to any one who is considering buying (or selling) an airplane. Your are forthright, honest, and VERY easy to work with in every aspect of acquiring an airplane.

Thanks again for your advice and assistance. It is valued and VERY much appreciated!
You and Sandy are welcome in my home anytime!!

Blue Skies and Tailwinds,
Jeff Espenship