My experience is different from many of your customers, because in my case you represented the seller of the A36 that I bought from you. N1832B is an aircraft that you had located and that you had flown its owner for several years before he decided to move up to a larger plane.

I have owned several airplanes in my decades of flying, and I searched the internet for several months before finding your ad. Throughout our negotiations, including many emails, phone calls, and two visits to Destin I was impressed by your low key, direct, honest approach to all aspects of the transaction. I never had the feeling that you were trying to sell me anything; rather, in all our conversations you were informing me as best you could about everything involved in A36’s in general and 32B in particular. If anything, I would say that you undersold the airplane; I was pleasantly surprised the first time I saw it and now, six weeks and 30 flying hours into my ownership, 32B is delivering everything I’d hoped it would and more.

When a rigorous pre-buy was performed by a shop with a lot of Bonanza experience the usual quibbles and discrepancies were found. Again I was more than impressed by your response; some of what came up you fixed quickly and effectively, on other items you agreed to an adjustment in the price of the airplane so that I could get them taken care of near my home. Our discussion about the repairs was easy and collaborative; my strong sense was that you were as interested as I was in the airplane being delivered in prime condition.

Everything about the purchase was handled efficiently, without any pressure, and in a timely manner; you delivered everything you promised in a way that placed as few demands as possible on me as your customer. I would highly recommend that anybody interested in purchasing a Beech aircraft work with you and benefit from your knowledge and integrity.

Jay Greenberg, Ph.D.