bob warren


Purchasing a pre-owned aircraft, especially one as complex as a Beechcraft, without professional help is as fraught with danger as being unqualified and venturing into IMC without a CFII in the right seat. I am very grateful that Darryl was my mentor in the right seat for this adventure. I had no idea how much I didn’t know and would have been hopelessly lost during the process especially when the 2 suitcases of aircraft records were presented at the pre buy inspection. Darryl also test flew the plane, inspected every part, arranged for an annual, negotiated a great price and gave excellent instruction during the delivery. He handled all with a calm grace that reflects his demeanor and his impressive professional background (as revealed in his informative website). As a result, I have an exciting safe Bonanza and am a enlightened buyer and a better pilot for having worked with Darryl. I enjoyed the experience and could not more highly recommend him. Thank you Darryl.


Bob Warren