Alexis StobbeAfter considering brokers to represent me as a buyer’s agent, I quickly realized interest were not well aligned. Darryl, on the other hand, is squarely in your corner and will leverage his vast Beech experience in your favor. His approach is very methodical, professional, and produces quick results.

Darryl found an aircraft which was no longer listed, but available for sale. Darryl challenged my assumptions and made sure I was fully aware of the costs involved post acquisition for a more accurate, total cost of ownership approach. Post pre-buy and acquisition, he spent considerable time training me on the flight back home in my new-to-me Baron.

Unless you grew up on the Beech factory floor, you would be foolish not to involve Darryl. I would not be surprised if on average he returns his modest fee 20 to 1. I know he did for my acquisition.

Alexis Stobbe

Oxford, Ms