My fascination with Bonanzas began at age 16 when I was fortunate enough to fly several times in a G model flown by the father of a high school friend. Those flights convinced me I had to learn to fly. I did so and subsequently spent 36 years in a variety of aviation related jobs. During all those years I never lost sight of my goal to one day own a V-Tail. I researched and read a ton of material but it became evident there was a lot more I didn’t know about the Bonanza than I did know. That’s when I made a very wise decision to hire Darryl to guide me through the purchase process and train me in the airplane. Not only is Darryl an expert on Bonanzas, he is also very personable, dedicated to task, and a straight shooter. He warned me the process could be daunting and at times, it was. We researched numerous possibilities, narrowed our list, and flew in Darryl’s V35 to look at several aircraft. The first trip ended with rejecting all we saw for a variety of reasons; reasons I would not have know about had I been looking on my own. We modified our search parameters and pressed on, eventually finding a very well maintained and equipped V35. Darryl’s thorough inspection of the aircraft and its logs was most impressive and very reassuring. Granted, I was not overly impressed with its paint scheme but Darryl assured me it was only a minor issue and it could be dealt with at a later date. I had peace of mind in knowing Darryl would not only find me a good airplane, but he would also help me with the price negotiation, the money transfer, the considerable paperwork, the insurance, and the flight instruction. I am convinced that without Darryl’s expert help I would most likely have purchased an aircraft based too much on its looks and not enough on its more important credentials. The fee I paid Darryl was definitely money very well spent. I highly recommend his services for anyone looking to purchase a Bonanza or Baron. Thanks again Darryl for a job well done.

Dave Wingert